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Why Trade Indicators

Trade Indicators is the crème de la crème of indicators used by full-time professional and student traders every day. Having stood the test of time, our indicators alert traders to market trends and winning signals that lead to climbing profits. So be consistent, have fun, and remember, Trade Indicators are “Engineered for Profits”.
Blast Off Suite, Command Suite, POWR House Suite

Subscription Pricing

Each of these suites are fully integrated trading systems. Each indicator strategically overlays on your Meta Trader charts and each indicators can be set up for “Trade Signals” via email or SMS. With “Trading Signals” you will receive alerts for (Long) green candles and (Short) red candles.
Of course, on top of our world-class indicators, we strongly encourage you to implement a trading plan, receive training and delve into the psychology of trading. These three areas coupled with our precise and accurate indicators are what successful traders use, all over the world.
These trading systems are simple, don’t try to out-think the indicators, let them do what they were created to do and watch your trades soar with wins.

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The Discovery Suite

What’s Included: 
·      Access to SIX Indicators Within 24 Hours
·      Technical Support
·      Complete Upgrades
·      One-Time Payment
·      One Month Access Only
·      Non-Refundable
Also receive a 25% Discount for the first month on either The Forex or Crypto Boot Camps!
Indicators for Stock Market Trading

Individual Indicators: $37/Month

  • The POWR Trend Trader
  •  The POWR Auto Trendline
  •  The POWR Momentum Lines
  • The POWDouble Bottom
  • The POWDouble Top
  • The POWStochastic Meter
  • The POWTrend Line Candles
  • The POWLong/Short Zones
  • The POWSupport/Resistance Zone
  • The POWR Rise Coming
  • The POWR Drop Coming
Also receive: 25% Discount on ALL trainings