The Remember Who You Are Series

These teachings will challenge you to examine what you believe about yourself in light of your relationship with God as the Bride of Christ. Most believers have never been taught that God is always in a good mood and totally in love with them.  

As a result, families and churches create shaming cultures that place Christians in spiritual bondage.  Only the powerful love of God and a revelation of who we are to Him can break this spiritual trap.  When our sin issue is finally laid to rest, Christians can arise confident knowing we are loved and carry the authority of Jesus.

In this lesson we explore the real issue that humans face. This one issue is so critical we often overlook it, but it is so important that scripture actually communicates to us what it is and the impact it has on humanity and your personal trading business!

Next, we deconstruct Romans chapter 12 verses 1-2. This teaching explodes on the scene as it opens our eyes to what Paul is communicating to each of us. This one teaching will set you free and catapult you into freedom previously unexpected. Don’t miss Lesson One from the “Remember Who You Are” series.