“Remember Who You Are Series” (Lesson Three)

Here is the truth, we win the war with God! But, we must always remember we encounter battles in our lives and we must never forget that the war is already won. The battles we endure are battles for the mind. The mind is the gateway to truth or the gateway to lies.

The enemy knows we belong to God and he cannot destroy us, so he attacks the mind. This is why Paul reminds us in numerous places in the new testament to “renew our minds with truth”. If the enemy can get us to agree with his lies, then he wins the battle. Through this training God reveals strongholds (lies formed) in our lives and as we explore where the strongholds are and how to defeat them with truth, we begin to experience more freedom with God.Christ’s history has become our history because we are in Christ. Thus, His death is our death, His burial is our burial, His resurrection is our resurrection, His ascension is our ascension. Lesson Three will set you free and you will experience this freedom not only in your life but also in your trading.