“What About Your Business Purpose in Life”?

A person without purpose in life is like a ship trying to sail without a rudder. The mystery of life lies not just in staying alive, but in finding something to live for!  Without a purpose in life your business runs a high risk of becoming boring and therefore having no real purpose. This training will change all of that!

What We Will Explore:

*  Living your purpose means doing what truly matters to you.

*  You will discover how to bring into alignment your purpose with your values and beliefs.

*  We will take a look at your passion, your mission, your profession and your vocation all designed to help you create your purpose for business and life…and you cannot separate those two.

*  We will show you the value in asking a lot of questions.

*  Learning how to say “NO” in life will lead you to a lot of healthy choices and will make you far more productive and profitable in your trading business.