“Failure Does Not Define You As A Person”

We all fail, the difference is does failure control you or define who you are as a person? Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” It never feels good to fail, but you will never achieve success if you never risk failing. This one topic and training will revolutionize not only you but your entire life as a trader. This is considered by the Trade Indicators team to be one of the most value driven training in our entire series of training!

What We Will Explore:

*  We begin by defining failure as the road to learning.

*  We talk about not fearing failure but rather embracing it and understanding that never risking failure to protect ourselves is to be avoided.

*  Next, we speak about the three cycles that ALL of us find ourselves in. The first two we can learn and grow out of and the last cycle we can learn and grow into.

*  You were created to explore and grow with the last cycle and this training dives deep into that cycle.