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The Beginning

Our story begins 12 years ago when we started trading commodities, stocks and ETF’s, with only minimal experience. The financial rewards were anything but stellar.

About 10 years ago the infancy of indicator trading started showing up on the scene. While indicators were new to the trading markets, we knew that algorithm trading otherwise known as indicators were the answer and the future of trading.

Overtime, the world of indicator trading has advanced and has become a mainstay in the trading world.

We at Trade Indicators have not stood by and watched the trading industry shift, instead we have led the way by writing and coding some of the best indicators in the trading world.

With our indicators and education achievements, our clients experience consistent  success which has proven time and time again.

Profitable Indicators & Education for Traders

Where Are We Now?

Trade Indicators is a revolutionary fintech company and a leader in online indicator trading and education.
From beginners to experts, our indicators have stood the test of time while providing back-tested, predictable, concise and profitable indicators that remain popular among traders.

At Trade Indicators, we never offer hype tips or get rich quick guarantees, we simply, master, design and code some of the best trading indicators and education in the industry.

Welcome to Trade Indicators!

Fundamentally Sound & Profitable

Why “Backtesting” on our Indicators?

Trade Indicators utilizes well-conducted back-testing that yields positive results. This assures traders that the strategic indicator they are using is fundamentally sound and is likely to yield profits when implemented in real-time.

The Why Behind What We Do

Our Mission


Inspire traders through world class training and coaching.


Motivate traders world-wide by offering state-of-the-art, accurate and predictable indicators.


Influence traders to a full life with family and friends.


Place people above business, creating a strong sense of gratitude.

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