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We master, design, and code the best trading indicators and education in the industry. From beginner to expert, our indicators stand the test of time while providing back-tested, predictable, concise and profitable data.

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Top traders often say, "The trend is your friend" because there's no simpler or profitable way to trade than to get in early when a new up or downtrend begins. Our POWR indicators are your closest friend.

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If you don't know where to begin with coaching, training, or education, you're not alone. Tell us how long you've been trading and what your goals are and we'll help you. We're here for you!

Let's Get You Off The Ground With a 14 Day Trial Period

From beginners to experts, we believe in the POWR of our indicators so much, we offer a 14 day trial, with The Discovery Suite, offering 6 indicators!


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Trade Indicators is the crème de la crème of indicators used by full-time professional and student traders. Having stood the test of time, our indicators alert traders to market trends and winning signals that lead to climbing profits.


Become a Successful Online Trader

What if you were given a road map that showed you directions and instilled in you clarity and certainty that traders covet. What if you could build a solid foundation of key principles for confident trading right from the start. This is what our trainings will do for you.

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Get answers to your questions and insider details by using our resource library. This helpful tool is free for everyone interested in online trading.

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